Spirit Animal Collection

Aika Circle creates apparel that supports your life and illuminates the soul of your purpose each day. As you move about your day, you are a chameleon. A woman, a mother, a creative spirit. You need to move but also present yourself in all of your beauty and glory with ease. 

Aika Circle’s core line of pants in solids and inspired patterns moves with you. It was born in Mexico, when Founder Luna was pregnant and a new mother. She saw the way that women needed connection and community, they needed to be supported in their efforts to focus on themselves - mind, heart and body.

Aika Circle pants transform. They take you from the mat to the beach, to the market, to a tumble with your child on the living room floor. They take you to a night on the town. They stretch and fold down with your body’s changes. Many pregnant mamas love them, as do fitness fanatics. These clothes enrich your life from many angles. They are for every woman - they are for you!