We offer an exciting array of events. Check back soon to see upcoming events for the Fall/Winter season. 

Some of our past events have included:

- 12 Senses Retreat’s New Moon Circle: A multi-faceted experience to connect each lunar cycle. An itinerary from one of our past Circles started with a meditation and sound bath for creating a sense of peace and setting intentions for the evening, and the new cycle ahead. After a tarot reading, we made our way to the nearby beach, where a mandala waited for us to center around and watch beautiful fire dancing. When we returned to 12 Senses, each of the women was able to join in on a nourishing meal and connect over conversation. 

- The Gypsy Bazaar is a fun and festive shopping event that takes place once each month in downtown Encinitas. 


Luna also creates specialized custom events for private clients. She loves to craft a special experience that is personal to you and your guests. Luna is able to craft a package that suits your needs - she regularly attends to such details as sourcing a location, designing the event space, sourcing the materials and building out the set, creating a schedule of events that takes you and your guests through from start to finish, arranging for any vendors needed to join in on creating that experience. Whether you have a vision for your business, or want to host a bachelorette party that your girls will never forget, she can assist. Bringing together sensory elements to create a goddess retreat or happening, Luna loves to weave together wellness and growth-centered features like human design, lunar rituals, movement, mandalas, aero yoga, and other nurturing experiences that connect the various interests of you and your guests.